Well-Maintained Storage Facilities to Complement Your Spring Cleaning

Well-Maintained Storage Facilities to Complement Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be an immensely satisfying ritual for many people, or at least returning to a clean home after the hard work has been done. The task of cleaning your home may result in the need for a storage unit or if you have a storage unit, it may need to be cleared out and rearranged after a long winter. As a renter, you want to move into a clean, well-maintained self-storage facility in order to keep your belongings in prime condition. Choosing the right self-storage facility goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning and at Security Public Storage our dedication to well-maintained facilities shows.


Clean and Well-Maintained Self Storage Facilities

One of the primary concerns renters look for when seeking a self-storage unit rental after price and location is the cleanliness of a facility. During your spring cleaning activities, it seems counter-intuitive to move your belongings into a dingy facility. At SPS, we pride ourselves on offering clean and scrupulously maintained facilities that you will feel comfortable visiting when accessing your unit.


Door Improvements

Ensuring that all of SPS doors meet our high security and maintenance standards, we avidly monitor and maintain their quality to avoid leaks and moisture risks before they become a problem. Door improvements help maintain the dry, clean environment within your storage unit, protecting the contents within. All of the storage units at SPS feature individual security alarms, which gives you the added benefit of peace of mind when storing your belongings. Just as you may be doing spring cleaning and maintenance projects around the house, we are continually working to provide you with clean and well-maintained storage facilities.

new storage doors before and after


Pest Control

The last thing you want when returning to your storage unit is to find your belongings have been ruined by little pests who have made their winter home in your dresser drawers. Pest control differentiates one self-storage facility from another. Monthly pest control is important, but does your facility have measures in place to ensure that storage units are truly free of rodents, ants and other pests? SPS facilities know that whether you’re spring cleaning your home or your storage unit, ongoing pest control is essential.



We’ve all heard the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but the doesn’t always apply to self-storage facilities. Landscaping and the outdoor aesthetic of a facility play a large role in the cleanliness of a storage unit rentals. Our facilities across the West Coast and in the Washington D.C. metro area all feature meticulous landscaping and well-maintained exteriors that complement the cleanliness of the interiors. Continuing into the spring, you’ll likely notice more flowers, fresh bark chips and those little extras that create a warm, welcoming environment with great curb appeal. 

landscaping on storage facility property



Spring cleaning and the changing of the seasons brings new life after hibernating all winter. A fresh coat of paint can transform your home and we apply the same principle to the maintenance of our storage facilities. After you’ve spent the time cleaning your home, you want to keep the items you need to store in a facility that looks as good as it protects your belongings. Painting helps accentuate the cleanliness of our facilities and exemplifies our commitment and passion for well-maintained facilities.

storage manager painting storage walls storage managers paints storage floors


Spring Cleaning at SPS

As leaves start to grow back on the trees and flowers start popping up throughout the neighborhood, spring cleaning may rise to the top of your to-do list. With cleanliness in mind, we pride ourselves on offering you well-maintained storage facilities to help protect your belongings from pests, leaks and dust. We believe cleanliness helps create a positive and pleasurable storage experience. Just another way that we provide — Self Storage with a Difference!

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