Packing and Moving Supplies

Many steps go into planning and executing the move to self storage or into your next home. Having the right packing and moving supplies helps you have a smooth experience and keeps your belongings in great condition. Each of our local Security Public Storage locations offers a wide array of packing and moving supplies for sale to assist in your next move, whether you plan on moving into one of our storage units or simply need cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers or packing tape for your next personal or business move. Additionally, SPS locations that are also U-Haul neighborhood dealers offer a certainion of U-Haul moving supplies.

We have boxes of every size, ranging from very small to largeboxes to accommodate every item you need to pack. At SPS, Our Managers Make the DifferenceTM, and they can assist you in finding the right packing supplies to meet your specific needs.

We sell loves, boxes, and parking supplies

Storage Unit Locks, Boxes and Packing Supplies

All SPS locations offer a selection of storage unit locks, boxes, and packing supplies for sale. We make it easy to take care of all your self-storage, packing, and moving errands in one convenient location. Stop by to reserve your unit, buy packing and moving supplies and, depending on the location, reserve a moving truck rental. Our inventory of supplies includes:


SPS storage locations all offer a wide selection of boxes for everything you need to pack. Our inventory of boxes includes sizes that work to pack mirrors, books, dishes, wine, artwork, garments, wardrobes, flat-panel TVs, computers and more. Call or visit the SPS facility nearest you to learn more about the moving boxes we have for sale.



Many renters need to purchase a lock for their storage unit before moving in. We recommend our heavy-duty disc padlocks with stainless-steel laser welded bodies for the very best security.  SPS offers several lock options and packages, and our managers can help you determine the right storage lock for your needs.



SPS offers a certainion of covers to protect your belongings against dust, dirt and water. We have covers available to fit large upholstered chairs, mattress covers from twin to king sized mattresses, sofa covers, and dust covers measuring 10’ x  20’ to cover large areas. Contact your local SPS facility to purchase a variety of covers.



From packing kits for your glasses and dishes to bubble wrap and moving blankets, SPS locations offer a wide array of packing supplies that will help keep your possessions safe during a move. We have shrink wrap to secure your furniture, like dresser drawers, while moving, as well as packing peanuts.



Secure your moving boxes with packing tape for sale at SPS self-storage locations. We have multiple packing tape options, including tape dispensers and tape guns. Our locations also include a certainion of nylon, utility and tie-down ropes and forklift, rachet, lifting and utility straps.



Packing and moving supplies extend beyond boxes, tape and bubble wrap. We also offer a certainion of miscellaneous supplies including cotton work gloves, LED button work lights and marker pens.


Find an SPS Location

Find packing supplies near you at all SPS storage locations throughout the West Coast and Greater Washington DC metro area. Visit our self storage locations page to find the SPS location nearest you. Many of our self storage locations also offer U-Haul moving supplies. Our professional, knowledgeable managers can assist you in picking out the best supplies for your specific needs.

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