Questions To Ask Before Renting: Pricing

We hope you will be able visit us so you can personally see how safe, clean and secure our facility is and meet the people who keep it that way! But if you check out other companies, please ask them these questions—we don’t think any of them can match us in being able to say ‘YES!’ to every single one.

  1. Is the rate reasonable both during and after the first full 30-day rental period?  Beware the $1 move-in 'special'!
  2. Is the rate you are quoted free of any admin or move-in fees, deposits, or other hidden add-ons? 
  3. Can you lock in your rate—and even get a special discount--by paying in advance, regardless of rate increases?
  4. Do the quoted rates include insurance?
  5. If the unit has obstructions like pipes or ductwork, is the rate discounted?

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