What Is Honest Pricing?

At Security Public Storage, we stand out from the competition by offering 100% honest, inclusive, transparent pricing.

Transparent Pricing

At SPS, the price you see on our website or quoted by one of our managers is the price you pay.

  • No hidden fees
  • No misleading promotions
  • No surprises

Price Includes Insurance

Our storage unit prices include $3,000 of insurance coverage, which many of our competitors do not. You also have the option of increasing your coverage or using your own homeowner’s insurance policy instead. Learn more about our insurance program.

Clear Promotions and Discounts

At SPS, we set our promotions for a percentage off over a specific period of time. When the discount expires, your monthly rate changes to the contracted, non-discounted rate. You are under no obligation to rent for the entire promotional period.


Month-to-Month Rentals

All our storage contracts are month-to-month meaning you only pay for the storage you use. The start date on your contract is your monthly anniversary date. Unlike our competitors, we will pro-rate your storage rent if you decide to move out before your next anniversary date.

Comparing Self-Storage Prices


Public Storage

Life Storage


Month-to-Month Contract

No Additional Admin Fees

Insurance Included

No Move-In Fees

No Deposit Required


Debunking the $1 Move-In Special

As you begin your search, we always suggest you review our Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Unit. We have included three questions on this list specifically in regard to pricing because we know cost makes a big impact on your decision.

  1. Is the quoted rate the actual total, or are there hidden add-ons like deposits, admin or move-in fees? Does it include insurance?
  2. If a move-in special is offered, does it cover a full 30 days?
  3. Can you lock in your rate for up to 12 months by paying in advance? And would that earn you a special discount?

These questions help you determine if the self storage providers you are considering will be worth the price tag and how much you’ll spend on a storage unit in total. We often see self-storage facilities advertising a $1 move-in special or one month free. When you see these specials, it’s important to ask the first question above.

Looking deeper at the $1 move-in specials you see from our competition, you need to ask if the intro rate is for the entire first month or is it just for a portion of the first month based on their calendar billing cycle? Many other facilities begin on the 1st of each month. If you move in on the 20th of the month, it’s important to find out if the introductory price will run for a full month or just until the 1st.

What Does the Price Include?

When searching for a storage unit, you’ll see a price quoted on the facility’s website or they will tell you the cost over the phone. It’s important to find out what is and isn’t included in the quoted price. Ask if the price includes insurance and if there are any additional administrative fees or deposits. A price breakdown will help you make an informed decision and you’ll avoid any surprises when the first bill comes.

Take a closer look at the cost of “free storage” in a blog post we wrote called “Honest Pricing and How Expensive Free Storage Rent Can Be.”

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises

We encourage you to compare our prices and services to other self-storage facilities in your community. Our dedication to honest pricing, no hidden fees and no surprises are often cited as reasons why our customers choose our self-storage facilities on the west coast and in the Washington DC metro area. Watch our video about honest pricing and then find a location near you.

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