Climate-Controlled Storage

Security Public Storage offers climate-controlled storage units at many of our West Coast and greater Washington DC metro locations. Climate-controlled storage works well for both household storage and business storage solutions. If you live in a region with extreme temperature changes — both high and low — climate-controlled units may help protect your items while they are in storage. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities were designed to meet the needs of each local area, whether you need heated or cooled storage to maintain an ideal environment.

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled self storage means units that are maintained within a set temperature range in order to provide the ideal environment for your items. These units are typically inside a building in order to provide the best protection from the elements. Depending on the storage facility and region, climate-controlled units may be heated or air-conditioned in order to achieve the ideal temperature and environment. We regulate these units within a range of 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooled, or air-conditioned, units are found in regions with a higher heat index, like many of our Southern California and Nevada storage facilities. Heated storage units and temperature-controlled buildings are more common in parts of the country with colder winter months.  We offer climate-controlled storage units for your business and personal needs at certain locations.

Determine Your Needs

Examine what you have to store and where you live in the country in order to determine whether you need a climate-controlled storage unit. We recommend this type of storage for the following types of items:


Do you have antiques, artwork, stamp collections, baseball card collections, comic books, or a collection of red wine? Climate-controlled self storage helps your most prized possessions keep their integrity.


Protect the electrical components of your TVs, computers, cameras, phones, stereos, speakers and other consumer electronics. These items can be sensitive to humidity and condensation, which makes climate-controlled storage essential for limiting moisture.

Wood, Leather and Upholstered Furniture

Moisture can be damaging to wood furniture, including tables, chairs, cabinets and entertainment centers. Prevent the degradation or yellowing of leather and moisture damage to upholstered fabric furniture.

Personal Items

When it comes to household storage, your most personal items, including books, clothing, family heirlooms, documents and records need to be protected from extreme changes in temperature, as well as from moisture, pests and dust.


The way we listen to music and watch movies is always changing, but preserving your vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and VHS requires the ideal environment. The same goes for photos, photo albums and negatives.

Musical Instruments

If you need to store musical instruments, climate-controlled storage helps prevent mold and mildew from damaging your woodwinds and brasses. Stringed instruments can warp in extreme temperatures. Pianos can suffer from both warping and mold.


Climate-controlled storage units offer a range of benefits, from protecting your items from the elements to providing you a comfortable environment when you visit, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Protection from Extreme Temperatures — Many renters opt for climate-controlled storage when they live in regions with extreme temperature changes. From heat and humidity to freezing temperatures, changes in the weather can result in moisture in your unit. This can lead to warped, cracked and damaged items, as well as possible mold and mildew.

A Barrier Against Dust, Debris and Pests —Climate-controlled storage units are typically located inside buildings, which provides an additional layer of protection from the elements. These sealed units provide a barrier from dust and debris and help prevent pests from entering your unit and ruining your belongings.

Better Air Quality — In addition to ensuring a comfortable temperature for you when you visit your storage unit, climate-controlled buildings also contribute to superior air quality. Traditional units aren’t sealed the same way. Climate-controlled units feature continuously circulating air, which means cleaner air, too.

Peace of Mind —All of these benefits add up to greater peace of mind for you. Knowing that your storage unit helps protect your belongings from temperature fluctuations, moisture damage, pests and debris means you can rest easy while storing your belongings at SPS.

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Specific climate-controlled storage options vary by location, but all of our facilities offer state-of-the-art security.

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