5-Star Storage Reviews - SPS an Industry Leader in Real Reviews

Security Public Storage partners with Trustpilot to collect real self-storage reviews from real customers.

5-Star Storage Reviews - SPS an Industry Leader in Real Reviews

Renters searching for storage units often consult a variety of resources before making the decision to go with one company over another. Self-storage reviews, like those in every business, include both real and fake testimonials, which can make it difficult for users to determine authenticity. At Security Public Storage, we’ve partnered with Trustpilot, a platform designed to accumulate real, trustworthy online reviews. We pride ourselves on honest customer feedback, honest pricing and providing our customers with 5-star service.

5-Star Service and Value

At SPS, we value honest customer feedback. A variety of other businesses use automated services to request reviews. We ask for reviews in person after our customers have experienced The SPS DifferenceTM. Customers connect with our self-storage company thanks to our focus on:

  • 5-Star Customer Service
  • State-of-the-Art Security
  • Super-Clean, Well-Maintained Facilities
  • Easy-Access and Extended Gate Hours
  • Honest Pricing

We’re proud of our brand and of the trust our customers have put in us since we opened our first location in 1983. We are gratified to have the highest ratings on Trustpilot in the self-storage category, with more than 1,500 reviews!

Partnering with Trustpilot

SPS partnered with Trustpilot to accumulate real reviews. Trustpilot, allows consumers to post reviews of their experiences within a range of services. Trust is the backbone of the company’s model. When you read a review on Trustpilot, you can believe the authenticity of the experience. Trustpilot has a compliance team dedicated to taking down fake reviews and recently introduced a feature that reveals how many times a company has flagged reviews.

Through our partnership with Trustpilot, we practice direct review solicitation — which means we ask for our storage reviews in person, not only through an automated service. When you rent storage from SPS, you talk to knowledgeable, professional managers who are actually on site at our local facilities. Our managers treat our customers as they would treat a friend, which contributes to our 5-star service ratings and further reinforces the trust we’ve established with our renters.

Fake vs. Real Storage Reviews

In today’s digital landscape, people read online storage reviews before making a purchase decision. In fact, 91% of 18- to 34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to a Bright Local survey. Users typically visit online review sites like Google, Yelp and Trustpilot as part of their research. The prevalence of fake reviews in every category can make it difficult to know what opinions to trust.

Tips for Spotting Fake Reviews

Deciphering whether or not a review is real or fake can be difficult for consumers. At SPS, we’ve gathered together tips for spotting fake reviews in order to create a better online experience.

  • Look at the Timing of Reviews —Do you see a spike in the number of reviews a storage facility has during a short period of time? This can be an indicator of a campaign designed to add a burst of reviews, which are often fake.
  • Generic Names and Photo-less Profiles —Fake online reviews often get generated under obviously fake or generic names or include just numbers and letters. They often don’t include a genuine profile picture.
  • Phrase Repetition — Scan several reviews to detect if certain words or phrases are repeated throughout. Often, reviews using the same phrases may have been instructed to do so by the company paying for the fake reviews campaign.

Dedicated to Our Customers

At SPS, we see ourselves as a storage category leader in real reviews. We pride ourselves on providing 5-star customer service, which is reflected in our trust rating on review websites like Trustpilot, Google and Yelp. Beyond our online ratings, we strive to provide safe, clean, secure storage in our 49 locations throughout the West Coast and Greater Washington DC metro area. Count on us when you need clean, well-maintained facilities with honest pricing and outstanding customer service.

Put your trust in SPS — find a location near you.

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