Planning for Expected or Unexpected Short-Term Storage

Planning for Expected or Unexpected Short-Term Storage

Coming into the summer months, you may be planning on moving to a new location or you may be remodeling your current home. Many of our customers choose to use short-term storage for a variety of reasons, both planned and unexpected. We see short-term storage unit rentals often when the unexpected happens — your lease falls through or the home you’re moving into doesn’t close when you expected, for example. At Security Public Storage, we can help you plan for a short-term or unexpected storage unit rental — even with minimal notice.

When Short-Term Storage is Helpful

self storageAs we mentioned previously, we see short-term storage unit rentals when unexpected changes happen in your moving plans. Leases fall through, sellers pull their homes off the market, closing dates get pushed back. A short-term storage unit rental helps you when you move into a new home that won’t happen immediately. You may be fully aware of the gap between moves or it may come as a surprise, but we can assist you in handling the storage unit rental when you need it.

Home renovations often prompt the use of short-term storage unit rentals for different reasons. Many homeowners have focused their efforts on home renovation during COVID-19 stay home orders. Projects you may have been putting off get put into action after spending a large amount of time at home. Unexpected home renovations also prompt the need for short-term storage including a flooded basement or fire damage in a part of your home, for example. Whether planned or unplanned, renting a storage unit while working on home renovations helps keep your belongings protected.

Planning for an Unexpected Rental

Planning for the unexpected may sound counterintuitive, but SPS can help you get into the right space. As soon as you know you need a storage unit, be it because you can’t move into your new apartment on the original date or your basement flooded, visit our website to find the storage facility nearest you. All of our storage facilities offer online rentals and we have staffed offices with knowledgeable managers who are able to answer all of your questions.

reserve storage unit onlineRenting a storage unit from SPS eases the stress of an unexpected move with our dedication to providing excellent customer service and our knowledge of the industry and the situations that bring customers to our doors. Many SPS facilities offer short-term rental promotions for leases that commit for three to six months. Visit the SPS location webpage and browse our current promotions to find a deal that will ease the financial burden of an unexpected move. We also offer month-to-month leases, which means you can rent a storage unit for just as long as you need it.

Moving into a Storage Unit

friendly managersMoving into a storage unit for short-term or unexpected storage is a simple process. Each of our sites has helpful managers on-site to answer your questions and assist you every step of the way.

  1. Visit the SPS location page on our website.
  2. Find the unit size you need.
  3. Reserve your storage unit online.
  4. Visit the SPS location, buy packing and moving supplies, and at certain locations, you can rent or use one of our moving trucks.
  5. Use your gate access code for entry and begin moving into your storage unit.

Many SPS locations have loading docks, drive-up storage units, and dollies and carts for easy loading and unloading to make moving into your storage unit a breeze. If you have items that need to be elevated from the ground, we suggest bringing risers, such as palates, to keep boxes off of the ground. All of our sites include individually alarmed storage units; however, you will need to provide a lock for your unit. Our offices have disc locks, as well as boxes and moving supplies, for sale, making us your one-stop-shop for moving and self-storage errands.

Look to SPS for Short-Term Storage

At SPS, we recognize the stress you may be under when a lease falls through, when your living room has smoke damage from a kitchen fire, and when you’re completing planned home repairs. We can help ease your anxieties during these difficult times by helping you find a reliable short-term storage unit where you can feel confident your belongings will be safe. Visit the SPS location nearest you to learn more about current promotions and to reserve a storage unit today. 

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