How SPS Protects You and Your Belongings at Secure Storage Facilities

Customers moving in to SPS unit

How SPS Protects You and Your Belongings at Secure Storage Facilities

At Security Public Storage, we take your personal safety and the security of your belongings during the occupancy of your rental very seriously. Moving and searching for self-storage is stressful enough without having to worry about dirty or unsafe facilities. It’s our priority to provide you with advanced security features that protect your belongings while in storage and you while visiting our facilities. SPS gives you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for when the need for self-storage arises.


SPS Takes Security Very Seriously

SPS takes every effort to ensure the safety of you and your belongings at our storage-units throughout the West Coast and greater Washington D.C. area. Through security, we increase your overall confidence while renting from our facilities.

Manegers monitor SPS security screens


24-Hour Access Doesn’t Mean 24-Hour Security

Many self-storage facilities offer 24-hour access for their renters, which seems like a great benefit. At SPS, we limit our access hours to ensure your belongings are safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week because unlimited access doesn’t mean unlimited security measures are taken at other storage facilities.

We monitor everyone who comes in and out of our self-storage facilities, which adds to your peace of mind when renting storage from SPS. Our facilities feature gated access with personalized codes for entry. Our customers code in and code out, which means we know exactly who is on-site at any given time. Our storage facilities with elevators also require an access code, enhancing the security experience at SPS even more. We’ve always got your back and an eye on our storage units thanks to 24-hour high-def video surveillance.

By limiting access hours, we prevent possible security threats from entering our facilities and therefore protect your belongings and your personal safety while visiting your storage unit.


Preventing People From Living in Storage Units

We’ve taken extra precautions to prevent people from attempting to live in our storage units. Living in a storage unit is illegal and a violation of health, sanitation and safety laws. A person attempting to stay overnight in a storage unit is also a breach of contract as it violates lease terms.

SPS has a high security presence on the ground in order to provide our renters with peace of mind and to prevent people from staying or living in storage units. Our security guards specifically look for locks or doors that have been tampered with in order to protect our renters and their belongings. Our renters enter a personal access code to enter and exit the facility, which means our system can indicate if someone is staying on-site. We also have a “No Loitering” policy, which also limits time on-site.

All of the storage-units at SPS feature individual alarms. Every door is alarmed, which means if a unit was manipulated or rigged to allow someone to live in the unit it would cause alarms to sound. The combination of on-site security, limited access hours, personal access codes and 24-hour high-def video surveillance prevent people from attempting to live in our storage units.


Lighting and Security Upgrades

In addition to the security of your belongings while in storage, you want to ensure your own personal safety when visiting the facility. SPS has gone to great efforts to make sure our customers feel safe visiting our facilities and accessing storage units. Our well-lit storage facilities include lighting and security upgrades for your personal safety. Our facilities have upgraded our lighting from traditional, incandescent lighting to LED lights, which are brighter and longer-lasting. Lighting plays a large role in your personal comfort and sense of security, which is a priority for our company.

A clean, well-lit SPS hallway

With a high presence of security on the ground, our customers feel more comfortable and we avoid potentially sketchy people loitering at our facilities. We choose safe locations, which may sometimes be more remote, but that equates to less foot traffic and lower crime rates.


Rigorous Levels of Security for Personal and Material Safety

SPS maintains rigorous levels of security to ensure your personal safety and that of your belongings while in self-storage. Our gated facilities require a personal PIN code for entry and for elevator access. We have cameras everywhere providing 24-hour high-def video surveillance, as well as personnel present on-site. We have worked diligently to provide our renters with peace of mind overall as well as the confidence that their belongings and their persons will be safe when using our facilities.

State-of-the-art security cameras.

When personal safety and the security of your belongings matter — and they always do — choose SPS for your storage needs. Visit one of our storage locations near you today.

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