Getting ready for spring – in the garage

Cleaning out the car interior

Getting ready for spring – in the garage

Spring is in the air, the temperatures are slowly rising, the early birds are returning and it’s time to think about getting outside. In this installment of our series of Getting Ready for Spring articles, we’ll give you some tips for getting your small engines tuned up and your car ready to put winter in the rear-view mirror.

Small Engines

With warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to pull your lawn mower and weed trimmer out of storage and get them ready for another season of yard work.

Lawn mower

Give your lawn mower a complete inspection including these steps:

  • Replace old fuel with fresh fuel
  • Replace the blade if it’s bent, or have it sharpened if it’s dull
  • Clean out any mud or dried grass from under the mower deck
  • Clean the carburetor
  • Replace the spark plug

Here’s a helpful video on giving your lawn mower a spring tune up:

Weed trimmer

A few simple and routine maintenance tasks each spring will keep this handy tool in good working condition for years.

  • Replace last year’s line with new line – over time, the plastic line can get brittle and break easily in use.
  • Inspect the air filter and spark plug – a dirty filter can put extra wear and tear on the engine and worn spark plugs can make starting difficult or impossible.
  • Check the cables and rubber hoses – take your weed trimmer into a small engine repair shop to have these replaced if you notice any cracks or damage.

Big Engines

During the winter we don’t wash our cars as often so dirt, grime, and salt can begin to damage your car’s exterior unless you remove it with a thorough spring cleaning. And don’t forget about the inside. Mud, snow, dirt, salt from our shoes is as hard on the interiors of our cars as it is to the exterior. You might even consider taking your car in for a good spring detailing – you may find that it’s worth a few bucks to prolong the life of your car’s exterior and interior finishes.
Swap out your winter survival kit for a few lawn chairs just in case you take an unplanned trip to the park or the beach. That winter parka won’t make a very good picnic blanket and you’ll be glad you swapped out the old bottles of water for fresh ones!

Cleaning the outside of the car.

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