As the world is responding to COVID-19, our hearts and thoughts are with all who continue to be impacted by this crisis, which is unprecedented in our lifetimes. We at Security Public Storage (SPS) continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our customers and employees by doing everything we can to prevent the further spread of the virus. We have taken many precautions already and will continue to adjust our operations as official guidelines change.

Yes, We Are Open! 

One of the most common questions we are getting right now is “Are you open?" Our answer is an emphatic “Yes!"
While our offices may be closed in order to minimize exposure for customers and team members, SPS managers will be onsite and will do everything possible to assist customers, whether by phone, email or on site, while honoring all recommended CDC guidelines.
If you arrive at our office, please use the posted phone number to communicate with the manager in the office. 
No changes have been made to our access hours. You have full access to your storage unit. Please come and go as you please during regular access hours. 
You may wonder why storage is included in the list of essential businesses in the executive orders of so many state governors. Or why Security Public Storage chose to stay open from the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis and maintain our regular access hours.

How We Are Helping

Security Public Storage has always been deeply committed to and involved with our communities. But the current situation is allowing us to serve in ways we frankly hadn't anticipated and are honored to be able to do. Here are some examples of ways we’re helping other essential businesses:   
• Fire departments conducting training exercises to keep our communities safe, with equipment stored in our units 
• Plumbers, electricians and others in the building trades and services accessing their equipment, vehicles and supplies 
• Transportation departments accessing their trucks and other equipment so they can maintain our roadways 
• Medical services from hospitals to private practices stocking up on critically needed medical equipment and supplies  
• Small businesses who’ve had to temporarily close and urgently need storage

Stopping the Spread of the Coronavirus

The health and safety of our team members, customers and communities is our #1 priority! 
We are following all recommended CDC guidelinesand remain in compliance with all local, state and federal directives. This has required several modifications to our operations so that we can continue to serve our customers’ needs.  
Every single one of our facilities is equipped with the proper disinfectants and hand sanitizing supplies to keep everyone as safe as possible while we continue to perform these essential services. Special attention is being focused on common touch points such as keypads, doorknobs and counters, disinfecting them multiple times a day.
Regular 20-second hand washing with soap and warm water, with the use of hand sanitizer as a supplement to hand washing, as per the recommended CDC guidelines, is required for all SPS team members.
If you have any questions, call your local SPS facility.

To Our Customers

We ask that if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has, that you stay home. Contact your local SPS manager or any SPS team member by phone or email to address your needs.
Even if you are currently asymptomatic, we encourage you to handle all communications, questions and transactions by phone, email, or click-to-chat on our website in order to protect yourself and those with whom you’re in contact.
Please make your rent payments online, by phone or by mail rather than in person. There are several options:

Our SPS Team

The SPS Team is taking every extra effort to keep our facilities clean and virus-free. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant, as recommended by the CDC, is being used frequently throughout the day. 
SPS team members are refraining from handshakes or other personal contact with each other and with customers, as part of our compliance with social distancing guidelines. CDC guidelines specify that a minimum of 6’ distance between individuals be maintained for everyone’s safety.
We as a company take every effort to accommodate our team members' sick time needs. SPS benefits include sick days, which can be used by team members who are ill, in self-quarantine and/or taking care of ill family members.

SPS Communications  

The SPS Leadership Team continues to maintain regular communication with all of our facilities to ensure that every team member receives up-to-date information about COVID-19 and guidance on how to minimize its spread. 
Due to the fluid situation, SPS will continue to carefully monitor instructions from federal, state and local health officials and issue updated communications as appropriate.
The top priority for SPS during this exceptional and historic time is the safety and health of our customers, team members and the public at large. We are all in this together and we at SPS are fully committed to doing our part to contribute to the collective goal of mitigating the negative consequences of COVID-19.
As always, we are grateful for the trust you place in us, especially during this global crisis, and we are here to serve you and your families as you need us. 

Your Dedicated Team of Storage Professionals at SPS