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Honest Pricing
Month-to-Month. No Hidden Fees.

Our San Francisco storage unit prices feature the SPS Honest Pricing GuaranteeTM. Honest Pricing means no hidden fees, no misleading promotions, and no surprises. Our promotions are designed with clear terms so you know exactly how long to expect the discounted rate. Rent a storage unit in San Francisco month-to-month without a long-term contract.

What you see is what you pay What you see is what you pay
  • Clear, all-inclusive pricing
  • Hassle free, month-to-month contracts
  • $3,000 of insurance included
  • Long-term discounts available
No Surprise Fees or Charges No Surprise Fees or Charges
  • No deposits
  • No admin fees
  • No move-in fees
  • No misleading discounts

San Francisco
Storage Unit Prices

Storage unit prices in San Francisco vary seasonally, as in most markets. We often see higher demand for self storage in the summer months, prompting higher prices. Typically, more people move in the summertime due to fewer commitments at work and school. We also see a higher demand due to the number of colleges and universities in the area with students needing storage when classes are out of session. With the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University and Golden Gate University nearby, we see an increase in student storage during the summer.

Many factors contribute to storage unit prices in San Francisco outside of seasonality. The level of investment in security plays an important role in storage unit pricing. Facilities with more advanced security measures in place often will have higher prices, but also may offer a better value when it comes to protecting your belongings. At SPS, we also include up to $3,000 of insurance built into our San Francisco storage unit prices, for which our competition charges extra. We offer the best value in self storage, alongside our honest pricing guarantee.

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of $1 Move-in Storage Discounts in San Francisco

When searching for self-storage discounts in San Francisco, you may encounter “First Month Free” or “Move-In for $1” discounts. The word “free” and the idea of “only paying $1” to move in sound very tempting, especially if you’re on a strict budget. The truth is, cheap storage units get expensive quickly with hidden fees and service add-ons not included in the advertised cost.

Storage facilities offering $1 storage move-in promos in San Francisco may not have the infrastructure in place to protect your belongings. Storage facilities that have invested in advanced security systems may not be the cheapest option because of this technology and equipment. Price may be at the top of your priority list, but if your storage facility doesn’t have high-def video surveillance, automated gate access and individual security alarms, your belongings may be more vulnerable to break-ins.

At SPS, Honest Pricing means we also include renter’s insurance in the cost of our storage units. This added benefit may result in a slightly higher monthly cost than San Francisco $1 storage unit promos, but you will have peace of mind if the unthinkable occurs. Although renter’s insurance is required, you have the option to use your own homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage and reduce the monthly rental rate. Be sure to research the entire cost of your storage unit rental, as $1 move-in specials often end up being more expensive than a higher-quality storage unit with Honest Pricing.