You Bought a Boat During Quarantine, Now What?!

You Bought a Boat During Quarantine, Now What?!

The nation went into lockdown this spring, and all of that time spent at home resulted in an unprecedented volume of online shopping. Boredom set in and the packages started accumulating on your doorstep or in the mailroom at your apartment complex. Memes began circulating, joking about looking like royalty as you walked out of quarantine wearing everything you purchased during the lockdown. Certain items are still back-ordered and hard to come by — have you tried buying a bike lately? Good luck!

dog popping out of RV window35% of Americans admitted to making impulse or comfort buys to cope with coronavirus stress. Americans opted for road trips rather than flying, and RV sales soared. Did you impulse-buy a boat during quarantine? A jet ski? Enough new clothes to wear something different every day for an entire month? Are bikes, skateboards, stand-up paddleboards, roller skates, kayaks and other modes of recreational transportation are now taking up valuable space in your home?

Many families have students distance learning from home and need to free up space for an improvised classroom. With summer cut short by wildfire season on the West Coast, it’s time to retire your comfort buys and free up the living room for puzzles and movie nights.

Storing Boats, RVs and Summer Toys

As summer comes to a close, you may be walking around your home or garage and noticing more recreational items taking up precious space. You want to be able to protect these investments, old or new, while being able to function in your home — especially with kids and parents working and remote learning there.

trailer outside of a homeSecurity Public Storage offers our customers a variety of options for RV, boat and summer toy storage at our locations throughout the West Coast and Washington DC metro areas. We have multiple facilities that offer dedicated storage for your larger RVs, boats, trailers and vehicles. We’re also happy to announce that our new, state-of-the-art RV storage facility in Fairfield, CA, opens in October!

The RV storage facility in Fairfield, and several of our other facilities, include outdoor parking spaces that measure up to 40 feet long to accommodate RVs and boats of virtually any size. Select storage facilities also offer covered RV parking spaces in lots that are designed for easy maneuvering of large vehicles. Outdoor covered spaces can also help protect your boats and other watercraft during the offseason.

Smaller boats and recreational toys like jet skis may fit inside our standard storage units, depending on the size of the boat and whether it’s trailered. Many of our storage facilities include drive-up storage units for easy accessibility for storing smaller boats, including fishing boats, small pontoon boats, speed boats and water skiing boats.

Another hot-ticket item during 2020 has been inflatable stand-up paddleboards. These, along with surfboards, kayaks, canoes and other water vessels, can take up space at home that you’ll need to reclaim this fall and winter. If you have multiple people living at home, all with a board of their own, this quickly adds to the clutter, even if the boards are inflatable. Drop off your boards and kayaks in a storage unit at SPS, and quickly retrieve them when the water beckons.

Personal Storage Units for Comfort Purchases

girl sitting in front of a wakeboard at storage unitWhat did you fall victim to purchasing impulsively during lockdown? Clothes? Home decor? Baking supplies so you could perfect your sourdough baking technique? While you and our essential delivery workers may now be on a first-name basis, you also may need more space at home. SPS has affordable storage units, priced honestly, and backed by excellent customer service in your area to help you protect your investments while waiting for this virus to be in our collective rear-view mirror.

Depending on your quarantine purchases, climate-controlled storage may be a great option if you have temperature-sensitive items. Climate-controlled storage means that units are maintained within a set temperature range in order to provide the ideal environment for your items. We regulate these storage units within a range of 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some storage facilities include heated or air-conditioned units to achieve the ideal environment.

We typically recommend climate-controlled storage for the following types of items:

  • Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Wood, Leather and Upholstered Furniture
  • Wine
  • Family Heirlooms and Antiques
  • Media including Vinyl Records
  • Musical Instruments

In addition to temperature control, climate-controlled storage units also feature better air quality, and they provide a barrier against dust, debris and pests.

If you don’t opt for climate-controlled storage, we have clean, well-maintained traditional storage units to meet your personal or business storage needs. We operate storage facilities in convenient locations near you to make access as easy as possible. Features vary at each of our locations, but the value you receive from our superior level of customer service never waivers.

Make Room at Home

ATV in a garageWhether you want to store all of the new purchases you made during lockdown, or you want to make room for them at home by storing your old furniture, clothes and recreation equipment, SPS has space for you. All of our locations offer personal and household storage. Select facilities also offer RV, boat and vehicle storage for your convenience. Remember, if you live in the Fairfield area, our new RV storage facility opens in October, and you can pre-lease your spot now!

The Covid-19 pandemic may be lasting longer than any of us could have imagined, but we will get through this. Stay safe.

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