A Special Thank You From SPS on Veterans Day

US flag flying on Veteran's Day at SPS Modesto-Woodland

A Special Thank You From SPS on Veterans Day

Every year on Veterans Day, November 11, we honor those individuals who have courageously and selflessly served in the United States military. At Security Public Storage, we want to express our gratitude for the people who have served and who currently serve our country abroad and in our communities. We offer our most sincere thank you to those who serve and who have served their community on a global or local level. This Veterans Day, we encourage you to honor a veteran — be it a loved one or a stranger — who has dedicated their life to protecting our democracy.


Honor Veterans For Their Service

At SPS, we greatly appreciate and respect the brave people who have served in the U.S. military. This Veteran’s Day, we can all make efforts to demonstrate our gratitude. Consider the following ideas to honor a veteran on November 11:

  1. Volunteer —Find a hospital, charity or organization that helps veterans and their families. Search the Veterans & Military Families category on www.VolunteerMatch.com to find an organization near you that needs help this season and throughout the year.
  2. Say “Thank You” —Reach out to a veteran in your life and simply say, “thank you for your service.” Send a quick text or make a phone call to offer your gratitude If you don’t have time for an in-person visit.
  3. Donate —Consider making a donation to a cause that supports veterans in your community and at large. Learn more about groups like the Wounded Warrior Project. Even a small donation helps support service persons in our country.
  4. Support Veteran-Owned Companies —Find a veteran-owned company near you and visit them on this day (and throughout the year).
  5. Attend a Local Veterans Day Parade —Show your support for veterans in person at your city’s Veterans Day parade. Check local newspaper calendar listings or the nearby VA office for details about Veterans Day events and celebrations in your city.
  6. Visit a Homebound Veteran —Offer to help a homebound veteran with chores around the house such as vacuuming, doing the laundry or raking up leaves on the lawn. Take the time to speak with the veteran and really listen to their stories. Have questions prepared to ask about their time in the military.
  7. Send a Care Package —Take your appreciation a step further than a simple text or phone call by sending a veteran a care package with a handwritten letter. Include a small gift and some of their favorite treats.
  8. Watch a War Documentary —Veterans Day prompts the perfect opportunity to honor veterans by watching one of Ken Burns’ definitive documentary series — The War (WWII), The Vietnam War or his epic The Civil War.


An SPS Veteran Story

SPS proudly hires veterans and we are grateful for their service in the United States military as well as at our self-storage facilities. One story we would like to share is of Dennie Ford. Ford served in the Army as a Drill Instructor during the Korean War. He spent the majority of his time in Europe. His family says he always said he “saw the world with the Army.”

SPS manager Dennis Ford in his WW2 uniform

After the Army, Ford owned his own painting company for about 30 years. He stored his equipment at SPS’s Woodland Ave. location in Modesto, California, and got to know the site manager really well. When the company was looking for part-time help, Ford’s wife began working at the location. After the original site manager was promoted, Ford and his wife took over site management duties from 1986 - 2006.

Ford was always a tinkerer and always in motion fixing something. A property that size gave him plenty of opportunities to fix things and make it as he felt it should be. He felt ownership that extended even beyond his time working for SPS. We’re grateful for the dedicated service and hard work of veterans throughout the SPS family.

Emilio G.A. "Tom" Leone in his Navy uniform

SPS Appreciates Veterans

At SPS, we are sincerely grateful to the veterans who have served our country — especially veterans who have returned to work in our self-storage facilities. SPS proudly employs veterans at our self-storage facilities on the West Coast and in the greater Washington D.C. metro area. Join us in thanking and honoring veterans who have dedicated their lives to serving our country globally and in our local communities.

To our veteran customers, employees, friends, family and neighbors — SPS salutes you.

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