Store Business Equipment and Supplies During COVID-19 Pandemic

PS offers business storage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Store Business Equipment and Supplies During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses all over the country to temporarily and, in some cases, permanently close their doors. Outside of essential workers like those in health care, grocery stores and package delivery services, very few types of businesses have been exempt from closures. If your business has been forced to close due to COVID-19, you have no doubt been busy trying to figure out how to pay bills, make payroll and how to deal with equipment while it’s not in use. Security Public Storage is open and able to accommodate your business storage needs during these unprecedented times.

climate-controlled storage unit for businessesBusiness Storage During COVID-19

Business storage from SPS helps you store equipment while it’s not in use during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what industry you’re in, you probably don’t have the option to store a large inventory of equipment from your business in your home or garage. Closures have resulted in a need for reliable, accessible space in which to store unused equipment and inventory, as the curve flattens and America works to reopen the country safely.

Storing Inventory

Businesses with inventory that isn’t moving off of shelves due to COVID-19 closures may be able to use a storage unit to keep these items until sales levels are restored. Depending on the type of inventory you have on hand, climate-controlled storage may be particularly valuable, because it provides a consistent environment for temperature-sensitive items.

Equipment and Materials Storage

A storage unit provides a business owner a convenient and easily accessible space to keep equipment and unused supplies and materials while they wait out stay-at-home orders. Examples of equipment, supplies and materials that can be stored in an SPS storage unit include:

  • Spare parts, heavy equipment and construction materials
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Office furniture, accessories and decor
  • Storefront and retail displays
  • Kitchen equipment and supplies

Self storage offers a lower price point than traditional warehouse rentals and helps maximize space at home while your business is closed or operationally limited.

commercial fleet vehicle parkingCommercial Vehicle Storage

Many companies use commercial vehicles to conduct business on a regular basis. With stay-at-home in effect, many of these vehicles sit unused. If your company relies on commercial vehicles to conduct business and you need a place to park them while waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass, self storage offers a reliable option. A number of SPS facilities include outdoor parking spaces as well as drive-up storage units large enough to accommodate vehicles.

Advantages of SPS Business Storage

Extended Access Hours — Our locations offer access 7 days a week, and many facilities are open from 6 am to 10 pm. We haven’t reduced our hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means you can access your space at times that work with your schedule.

Climate-Controlled Units (at many facilities) — If you have temperature-sensitive inventory, supplies, equipment or business materials, climate-controlled storage provides the ideal environment. Climate-controlled storage becomes increasingly important in areas with just entering the season of extreme summer temperatures and/or humidity.

Online Account Management — Easily pay your bill and manage your account online 24/7 on our responsive website. Most of our offices are closed to comply with government orders, but we have staff on site to help. Online payment options make it easy to stay touch-free and safe.

Drive-Up Units (at many facilities) — All of our locations feature convenient loading areas, and many also have drive-up storage units. These allow you to drive up, load or unload and exit without coming into contact with other people.

self storage online account managementMonth-to-Month Rentals — If your business is closed temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not need a long-term storage option. At SPS, we rent our storage units on a month-to-month basis, which means you can use storage for only as long as you need it, without getting locked into a long-term contract.

Find an SPS Location for Your Business Storage Needs

All 50 of our self-storage facilities on the West Coast and in the Washington D.C. metro area are open, and our On-Site Managers are there ready to help you with your business storage needs. Find an SPS self-storage facility near you, and rent your unit online with ease. Online leasing options make it simple to rent business storage and move in at your convenience.


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