Self-Storage Options for Students Affected by Coronavirus Closures

Self-Storage Options for Students Affected by Coronavirus Closures

Colleges and universities all over the country have closed their campuses in an effort to slow the spread of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some colleges have extended Spring Break, while others have shifted to online courses and emptied dorm rooms, sending students home. If you have been displaced by Coronavirus college closures, you may be seeking temporary student storage options for your belongings. Security Public Storage makes it easy to rent self-storage units while maintaining social distancing standards.

Do I Need Student Self Storage? 

Students that live far from home and have been displaced or forced to leave their dorm rooms during the Coronavirus pandemic will benefit from renting a self-storage unit. We recommend renting a student storage unit while temporarily away from campus between terms as it will make moving back home and returning to campus in the fall much easier. With the severity of the spread of Coronavirus in the U.S., you don’t want to spend hours packing and shipping your belongings across the country. Renting a self-storage unit will get your belongings secured and you back home to shelter-in-place. 

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Choosing a Student Storage Unit 

Self-storage units typically provide the ideal amount of space for belongings from dorm rooms and small apartments. At SPS, we rent our storage units month-by-month, which means as a student you won’t have to break the bank renting space you don’t need after the Coronavirus pandemic and summer break has ended and it’s time to return to campus. With everyone social distancing, your parents may be working from home and with additional bodies in the house, there may not be room for your belongings in the garage.

Self-storage units typically range in size from 5x5 feet up to 10x30 feet. Most storage units have the capacity to hold at least one room of furniture and the smallest units provide the right amount of storage for the contents of a dorm room. The majority of college students can fit their belongings in our smallest 5x5 feet and 5x10 feet units. If you don’t have a bed and only a small amount of furniture the 5x5 feet unit storage unit would be ideal for your needs. If you have a twin bed or a sofa, along with a few boxes and decor, opt for the 5x10 feet unit.

The professional and knowledgeable self-storage managers at SPS can assist you in choosing the right size of student storage units to meet your specific needs.

Vehicle Storage for Students

Students with their personal vehicles on campus that may be returning home during the Coronavirus pandemic may be seeking an option for parking. Some states have banned traveling, which means you need a reliable parking space for your car, truck or motorcycle while away from campus. Many SPS storage facilities offer vehicle storage for students. Some facilities offer outdoor parking spaces while others allow vehicle parking in traditional and climate-controlled storage units.

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SPS Procedures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Self-storage facilities have been deemed “essential businesses” in many states during the Coronavirus pandemic as many of us serve other essential businesses. We have taken every extra effort to keep our facilities clean and virus-free. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant, as recommended by the CDC, are being used frequently throughout the day. Special attention is being focused on common touchpoints such as keypads, doorknobs and counters, disinfecting them multiple times a day.

SPS storage facilities remain open and our team members are refraining from personal contact with each other and with customers as a part of compliance with social distancing guidelines. CDC guidelines specify a minimum of the 6-feet distance between individuals is maintained for everyone’s safety. We have closed our offices in order to minimize exposure, but our managers are onsite to assist customers while honoring CDC guidelines.

During this time, you have the option to reserve your storage unit online, pay online and access your storage unit without having any personal contact with our staff. Many of our storage facilities feature drive-up storage units, which allow you to enter the facility with a pin-code, access your storage unit and drive away without interacting with anyone else at the facility.


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5-Star Customer Service

SPS offers clean and secure storage units for students displaced or forced to return home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Easily rent a storage unit online, pay online and access your storage unit while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Our managers are still on-site and following CDC guidelines in order to offer you the same 5-star customer service you have always been able to count on from SPS. Store your belongings and then stay home so we can flatten the curve and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.   

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