How to Survive Moves in the Military

Moves in the military

How to Survive Moves in the Military

A permanent change of station (PCS) is military jargon for "moving". Service members can receive their relocation orders anywhere from five months to as little as two weeks from when they are due to report to their new command. While relocation orders can come anytime, the peak season is between May and August, when as many as 65% of all military moves happen.

Security Public Storage Fairfield Helps Make Moves in the Military Easier

Security Public Storage Fairfield

Moving is a part of life for military families, like those we serve at Travis Air Force Base from our SPS Fairfield location. It can be an opportunity to learn about different parts of the country or the world. Finding ways to embrace your new community can become a family project where both parents and children can be involved. Research the area, its history, the different neighborhoods of your new city, where amenities that are important to you are located. Not only will this give you things to look forward to, it will also help you narrow your search for new housing.

Moves in the Military

The keys to maintaining your sanity through many moves over a military career are being organized and proactive.

  • Don't procrastinate. As soon as you receive new orders, start preparing for your move.
    • If you own your home, contact a realtor to start the selling process
    • Start looking for your new home right away.
  • Prepare a budget and a moving binder
    • Incidental costs associated with a move can add up quickly. Creating a budget - and sticking to it - will help minimize unwelcomed surprises.
    • Set up a moving binder to keep all your receipts. Some of your expenses may be reimbursable or can be used at tax time.
    • Research moving checklists, especially at, to help keep your moving preparations on schedule.
  • Inventory all your belongings and identify:
    • What you are bringing with you immediately
    • What will be moved by the moving company
    • What you will put in storage
  • Remember that self-care is critical
    • Be selfish with your time and don't over-commit while trying to plan your move
    • Contact the family services office on your existing and new bases
    • Reach out to the network of military spouses. You alone may be moving, but you don't have to move alone. You are part of a large community and you can find help and resources through them.


Travis AFB Personnel & Families

Security Public Storage in Fairfield CA is conveniently located nearTravis Air Force Base. We proudly serve the local Fairfield community, including the military families based at Travis Air Force Base. Whether your new orders are bringing you into the Fairfield area or relocating you out of the area, there are plenty of resources available to make your next move as smooth as possible.

Tips for PCS Moves in the U.S. and Internationally

If you're looking for tips and hacks to tackle the logistics of your next move, visit these sites. They are full of helpful information for military families about moves and a lot more:

7tips to managing your PCS move

8 tips to handle your next PCS move

Travis Air Force Base resources for managing your PCS move

Travis Air Force Base school information services

Frequent moves - domestically or internationally - mean you may want to safely and securely store some of your most treasured belongings or heirlooms rather than risk their loss or damage. You can trust SPS to watch over your possessions while you are serving our country—and see why we are Self-Storage With A DifferenceTM.

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