Honest Pricing and How Expensive Free Storage Rent Can Be

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Honest Pricing and How Expensive Free Storage Rent Can Be

At Security Public Storage, we believe in honest pricing and transparency in order to provide our renters with the best value in self-storage. We always encourage customers considering self-storage to ask themselves 10 questions before renting a storage unit, including several questions specifically about honest pricing.

  1. Is the quoted rate the actual total, or are there hidden add-ons like deposits, admin or move-in fees? Does it include insurance?
  2. If a move-in special is offered, does it cover a full 30 days?
  3. Can you lock in your rate for up to 12 months by paying in advance? And would that earn you a special discount?

SPS doesn’t charge administrative fees or deposits, which means the price you see on our website is what you pay. No hidden fees, no add-ons and we include tenant insurance.


Self-Storage Pricing and Market Conditions

Many self-storage operators use automation to increase prices based on market conditions. That means you could be looking at prices on a company’s website one day and an environmental or financial change could affect the market resulting in higher prices the next day or in some cases the next hour. Customers searching for self-storage often must do so out of necessity based on life changes. Worrying about self-storage price gouging shouldn’t add to the weight on your shoulders.


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How Expensive Free Can Be

The word “free” can be very tempting when searching for self-storage units, especially if you’re on a budget or on a time crunch. Plus, who doesn’t love free rent? You may change your stance on free when you discover how truly expensive free can be. Cheap storage units get expensive quickly with hidden fees and add-on services that weren’t originally adverted in the cost of the space. In addition to added costs, some renters return to their storage unit to find belongings damaged or stolen in cheap storage units.

Storage facilities offering free or cheap rent on their units may not have the infrastructure in place to protect your belongings. Self storage facilities that have invested in advanced security systems often don’t offer the cheapest storage units because of higher investment in high-end services. If your storage facility doesn’t have high-def video surveillance, automated gate access and individual security alarms, your belongings may be more sensitive to break-ins.

Many renters find that specials advertising free rent on storage units don’t include tenant insurance, which would protect your belongings if the unthinkable happens. At SPS, honest pricing means we include tenant insurance in the cost of our storage units. The added benefit of tenant insurance may result in a cost higher than free, but it also means you save in the event of a break-in or damage.

Cheap gets expensive when you factor in “move-in fees,” deposits, administrative fees and tenant insurance. At the end of the day, is the total you see on a self-storage operator’s website the actual total? Or do hidden fees hike up the quoted rate? Renters often see “free rent” propel to rates more expensive than a higher-quality storage unit with honest pricing.


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Avoid Misleading Pricing by Choosing SPS

At SPS, we encourage you to answer our 10 questions before deciding where to store your belongings. Taking these questions into consideration may help you avoid expensive and painful losses and misleading pricing. When your life is in transition or you simply want to clear out space in the garage to make room to park your car, honesty goes a long way. You want to be able to trust the company storing your belongings, no matter the length of time. Hidden fees and free rent that turn into devasting losses don’t provide you any value. Avoid price gouging and changes based on “market value” by trusting the honest pricing provided by SPS.

Learn more about how SPS protects you and your belongings at our secure storage facilities.

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