Hide and Wrap Gifts in a Storage Unit/Santa Closet at SPS

Hide and Wrap Gifts in a Storage Unit/Santa Closet at SPS

hide gifts at SPSThe winter holiday season inches closer and with many people staying home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, preparations and celebrations will look different this year. In the past, children were at school and the family was out and about during the weekends. Hiding and wrapping presents may require some creative thinking this year and at Security Public Storage, we have the perfect solution. Renting a small storage unit to act as your Phantom Closet or Santa Closet helps keep your holiday gifts secret until the time comes to free them from the wrapping paper.

Using Self-Storage as a Santa Closet

Many SPS locations on the West Coast and in the Washington DC metropolitan area include small 5x5 and 5x10 storage units that work perfectly for hiding and even wrapping your holiday gifts when the whole household is home more often than usual. This proves especially useful when the extra spaces in your home are being used as remote offices and temporary classrooms. Spaces you normally have at home are currently serving other functions, which makes it more difficult to keep gifts secret.

  • Hide Gifts — Renting a small storage unit for as short as a month’s time allows you to hide gifts and keep them secret until the time comes to celebrate. This option proves especially useful for members of your family receiving large gifts like bikes, TVs and recreation gear.
  • Set Up a Wrapping Station — With the whole household home, peace and quiet can be hard to come by. Setting up a folding table in your storage unit (aka phantom closet) provides you with a peaceful, off-site location to wrap presents out of the eye line of curious recipients.
  • Amazon Lockers — SPS Portland and SPS Santa Rosa both have Amazon Lockers on-site, which makes it easy to keep holiday gifts secret. Have gifts delivered directly to the storage facility for the ultimate in secrecy and convenience.
  • Clear Space for the Christmas Tree — If your household celebrates Christmas, renting a storage unit to make room for decorations including the tree may be helpful. Because your spaces are already being used for work and school, a storage unit helps you make room by providing a place to keep that accent chair during the holiday season.
  • Protect Gifts with Climate Control — Depending on the climate where you live and the gifts you plan on purchasing this holiday season, a climate-controlled storage unit may be a great solution for hiding gifts. If you live in a cooler environment, climate-controlled storage helps protect your gifts from the effects of freezing temperatures. Antiques, electronics, wood and leather furniture, musical instruments all benefit from climate-controlled storage, which is maintained within a set temperature range.

various storage unit sizes availablePrepare for the Holiday Season With SPS

This holiday season, whether waiting for Santa to come down the chimney or lighting the menorah via Zoom with your relatives in another state, will likely look very different than in years past. Instead of clearing out space for your cousins coming to town to spend the holidays, that space is being used as a temporary classroom while students attend school virtually. Our collective efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus will ensure we won’t have to make these sacrifices again in the future.

At SPS, we want to help you with your holiday preparations by providing you with a clean space to hide and wrap gifts or to clear our space in your home to decorate for the season. Find the SPS storage facility near you to see the current availability of small storage units to use as your Santa Closet. Stay safe and healthy this holiday season!

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