Ground-Level, Secure Storage Units in Vacaville, CA for Touchless Times

Ground-Level, Secure Storage Units in Vacaville, CA for Touchless Times

clean storage units in vacavilleWe love all of our self-storage facilities and the communities they serve. The city of Vacaville has a similar backstory to Security Public Storage. Vacaville started as a small stop on the Pony Express that serviced the farms in the area and then grew into the successful city it is today. Similarly, SPS started as a small, family-owned business and has grown to a successful company with 50 locations across the country.

Just as Vacaville isn’t your average town, we wanted to highlight the ways that our self-storage facilities differ from others in the area. At Security Public Storage, we offer the secure choice for total peace of mind with ground-level units available at both of our locations in Vacaville.

Secure Storage in Vacaville, CA

vacaville secure storageWe named our company Security Public Storage because we make state-of-the-art security our first priority at all of our locations, including both storage facilities in Vacaville. Our impeccable safety record and focus on customer satisfaction make us the clear choice for secure storage in Vacaville, CA. We’re dedicated to keeping your belongings safe with state-of-the-art security and surveillance, proactive maintenance and unmatched protection against the unexpected.

Our secure storage units in Vacaville include:

  • Individual alarms on every unit
  • 24/7 video surveillance with extensive camera coverage
  • Monitored gate access with unique security codes for every customer
  • Professional, on-site managers who are always ready to help
  • Clean, well-maintained facilities with pest and rodent control

A recent Google review from Gary Pastoor about SPS Leisure Town captures the secure feeling you get perfectly:

“Carol just knows how to make everything go easily and smoothly; she really knows what she's doing. I also really like that the place is so clean, inside and out. I can't live in a gated community, but I'm happy my stuff can!” - Gary Pastoor, via Google

unique passcodes at vacaville storageWhen you choose to store your belongings at our secure storage units in Vacaville near Travis Air Force Base, you benefit from a limited-access gate protecting your belongings. In order to enter our facilities on Leisure Town Road and Monte Vista Avenue, you must have a unique customer code for entry onto each property.

Personal Safety at SPS Vacaville Locations

A couple of months ago, we wrote a blog about what we wish our customers knew about self-storage. We compared self-storage to hotels, asking if you would feel comfortable at a 2-star motel with poor lighting and a basic lock on the door? Would you expect 5-star security and personal safety from this motel if you paid a bargain price? At SPS, we have invested in advanced security systems including high-def video surveillance, automated gates and individual security alarms on every unit to ensure your personal and material safety.

In addition to material safety, we want our customers to feel comfortable accessing their storage units. We don’t offer 24-hour access for this very reason. At SPS, we limit access hours in order to ensure personal and material safety. Our customers code in and out, which means we know who is on-site at any given time. Limiting access hours helps us prevent possible security threats from entering our facilities and therefore protect your belongings and personal safety while visiting your storage unit. We’ve always got your back thanks to 24-hour high-def video surveillance.

Ground-Level Units for Easy Accessibility

drive-up storage in vacaville, caBoth SPS Leisure Town and SPS Monte Vista offer all ground-level storage units for rent in Vacaville near Travis Air Force Base. All of the storage units at Leisure Town have drive-up access, for even more convenience in these touchless times. Renting a ground-level drive-up storage unit from our self-storage facilities in Vacaville allows you to enter through the gate using your personal access code, pull up to your unit and exit while practicing social distancing.

Peace of Mind with Self Storage in Vacaville

A focus on security and convenience paired with our values of honest pricing and 5-star customer service make SPS the best choice for secure storage in Vacaville. Just as Vacaville isn’t your average town, you don’t deserve an average storage facility. Allow SPS to help you grow and thrive with the peace of mind that comes along with convenient and secure self-storage in Vacaville, CA. 

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