To Chula Vista with Love from SPS

Painting the new Chula Vista mural at SPS

To Chula Vista with Love from SPS

We at SPS truly value our relationships with our customers. We care about making positive contributions to the neighborhoods and regions we serve and we actively look for ways to make a difference that reflect each local community’s unique history and culture.

The mural just unveiled at our 471 C Street Chula Vista location is one example. Completed in 2018, it celebrates the landscape and history of Chula Vista, a community nestled between San Diego Bay to the west and rolling coastal hills and canyons to the east.

The north wall of our Chula Vista storage facility offered the ideal site for this mural, measuring 163’ wide by 25’ high, giving the artist a 4,000 square foot “canvas” to work with! San Diego BayThis is now the biggest mural in all of Chula Vista and National City! It faces a busy street and is opposite a large retail complex including Best Buy, Walmart, Grocery Outlet and Old Navy, so the mural is highly visible.

Chula Vista means “beautiful view” and our mural celebrates some of that beauty, from the vastness of the Pacific Ocean to the allure of the nearby San Diego Bay.

A wide variety of activities are in store for anyone wanting to enjoy the water, from learning about and exploring the coastal ecology to getting out in a boat or kayak.

PlaygroundMoving inland, the mural celebrates the variety and beauty of Chula Vista’s green spaces, with nearly 560 acres and 60 parks! Prefer a hike to a playground? Chula Vista’s Greenbelt Trail offers miles of multi-use trails surrounding Chula Vista, including the Sweetwater and Otay Valleys.



Finally, the mural celebrates Chula Vista’s history as the Lemon Capital of the World. Completed in the late 1800s, the Sweetwater Dam provided the area’s early settlers with valuable water, enabling them to establish vast citrus orchards. Lemon treesWhile agriculture is no longer a major part of the area’s economy, it continues to hold an important place in Chula Vista’s cultural history. The importance that lemon orchards played in the early history of Chula Vista is celebrated each year at the Third Avenue Village Association Lemon Festival, which brings thousands of visitors to celebrate Chula Vista’s lemon heritage.

We would like to thank the artists that created this beautiful mural. Kathy McHale of McHale Creative designed the mural, and Jerry Ragg of Mural Decor brought the design to life.

Enjoy more pictures of the mural at SPS Chula Vista...

Chula Vista before the mural


We start painting the Chula Vista mural

The Chula Vista mural is nearly finished

The Chula Vista mural is finished!


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