Affected by COVID-19? Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

Affected by COVID-19? Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

At Security Public Storage, we’re commonly asked, “How do I choose the right size of storage unit?” and “What size of storage unit do I need?” Right now, many workers have been forced to work from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you have been working from home for the last couple of weeks and may have realized you need more space. Renting a storage unit may be a great way to free up space at home for the new home office you have to implement. Choosing the right size of a storage unit depends on the number and types of items you must store as well as their size.

Our locations throughout the West Coast and in the Greater Washington D.C. area each have similar sized units, but the specific sizes vary per location. Some locations include large RV and boat storage parking spaces while others include extra small closet-sized storage units. The friendly and professional managers at each of our locations can assist you in choosing the right sized unit to meet your specific needs.

Choose Your Storage Unit Size

No matter what size of storage unit you need, our size guide and knowledgeable professionals will help you choose the right unit for your specific needs. All our units and facilities offer self-storage with a difference — super-clean, well-maintained facilities, 5-star customer service, extended gate hours and honest pricing.

Small Self-Storage Units

Small self-storage units work for storing a variety of personal and business items, depending on your needs. Some of our facilities have locker-sized units, but most of our small storage units start around 5x5 and include sizes up to 5x10. Use small storage units for:

  • Boxes
  • Small furniture
  • Contents of one bedroom
  • Bookcases
  • Twin mattress set
  • Sports equipment
  • Clothing
  • Kids toys
  • Wine storage

small storage spaces for wine storage

These storage units are approximately the size of a small walk-in closet. Customers often rent small storage units during times of transition, when living in a smaller apartment or home than they have previously, while traveling, during deployment. Renting a small storage unit also helps to create space at home — for sports equipment, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, small furniture and more.

Medium Self-Storage Units

Medium-sized self-storage units generally range in size from 10x10 to 10x15. Renters choose units on the smaller end of the range for storing items from one to two rooms, a one-bedroom apartment and a queen-sized bed set. We recommend these medium storage units when storing the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment or while remodeling your home. On the larger range, these units hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or three rooms, including:

  • Mattress sets
  • Furniture
  • Appliances — Including a washer and dryer
  • Boxes
  • Sports equipment
  • Small business items including inventory and equipment
  • Patio furniture

vehicle in drive up storage unit

Imagine the 10x15 medium storage unit as roughly the same space as a one-car garage. These storage units could also be used to store a boat, small vehicle, motorcycles and various other motorized toys. Medium-sized units are great for both personal and business storage.

Large Self-Storage Units

We recommend large storage units for renters needing space for their personal or commercial needs. Large 10x20 storage units fit the contents of a three to four-bedroom house. Our largest storage units are 10x30 and fit the contents of up to six rooms. These storage units work great if you’re in the process of moving, you’re building a house, or you need a place to store extra inventory and business supplies. Store mattress sets, furniture, appliances, large-screen TVs, boxes, dressers, garage items, boats and motorized toys.

RV, Boat and Vehicle Parking

Some SPS locations offer specific RV, boat and vehicle parking spaces. Depending on the location, you may have the option of indoor, outdoor, covered and non-covered parking spaces. Small vehicle parking typically measures between 15-feet and 25-feet. These spots are recommended for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and small trailers. Contact your location for more information about company vehicle fleet parking. Many of our large, drive-up storage units can also be used for vehicle parking and storage.

Several SPS facilities offer outdoor RV and boat parking spaces in sizes up to 45 feet in length. Park your RVs, boats, motorhomes, campers and trailers in these spaces.

Traditional vs. Climate-Controlled Storage Units

The choice of traditional versus climate-controlled storage units also contributes to finding the right size of space for your needs. Depending on what items you must store and the climate where you will be storing them, a climate-controlled storage unit may be the ideal option. Read more about climate-controlled storage units and what items benefit from this type of storage. Our managers can also answer your questions and help you decide on the size of traditional or climate-controlled storage unit.

climate controlled storage units

Change Sizes as Your Needs Change

When you rent from SPS, you have the option to switch your storage unit within the facility as your needs change. For both our personal and business clients, the need often arises for a shift in the amount of storage you need. Whether you need more or less storage, we can accommodate your self-storage needs with a bigger or small unit, depending on availability. At SPS, you can talk to knowledgeable and professional managers who are on-site at our facilities. Providing 5-star customer service is our top priority and we want to ensure you have just the right amount of storage you need.

Hopefully, you won’t have to work from home for an extended period and the COVID-19 pandemic ends soon. Rent the storage space you need, for just as long as you need it with month-to-month leases from Security Public Storage.

SPS serves both personal and business storage customers. Visit our business storage page to learn more about how we can help your company.  

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