20 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Storage Unit

We hope you will be able visit us so you can personally see how safe, clean and secure our facility is and meet the people who keep it that way!  But if you check out other companies, please ask them these questions—we don’t think any of them can match us in being able to say ‘YES!’ to every single one.

Customer Service

1. When you call, can you talk with the on-site manager instead of being routed to a call center?

2. Are the site managers professional, knowledgeable and easy to reach by phone or email?

3. Are the managers available on site 7 days a week (except major holidays)?

4. Does the website feature a full photo gallery, all sizes and rates, and a pay online option?

5. Do customers give consistently positive reviews of the company?  Check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, YP.com. We have the highest rate of referrals & repeat business in the industry


6. Do you need a security code to enter and exit, so the managers know who is on site when?

7. Is the facility well lit and equipped with multiple security cameras and color video monitors? Most storage facility theft is from the inside, like one tenant cutting other tenants’ locks!

8. Is each unit individually alarmed?

9. Do the managers seem trustworthy—people with whom you’d feel confident leaving your valuables?

10. Most importantly, do the managers actively use this technology to provide real security?

11. Does the facility have an excellent safety record according to local police reports?

Access & Maintenance

12. Can the manager explain to you why just having pest control service is not enough? Food in just a single unit can lead to rodents, ants and other pests infesting an entire facility!

13. Have the units been checked for and proofed against leaks?  Water stains on the walls or ceilings can mean risk of moisture damage to your possessions.

14. Are there extended gate hours, so you have access at times convenient for you?

15. Do the managers encourage you to visit the facility?  They should!


16. Is the rate reasonable both during and after the first full 30-day rental period?  Beware the $1 move-in 'special'!

17. Is the rate you are quoted free of any admin or move-in fees, deposits, or other hidden add-ons? 

18. Can you lock in your rate—and even get a special discount--by paying in advance, regardless of rate increases?

19. Do the quoted rates include insurance?

20. If the unit has obstructions like pipes or ductwork, is the rate discounted?